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Even in summer that beginning left nothing to chance. For years, on time, the weather forecast was accurate indications; at most conceded the uncertainty of an insignificant delay. So the wait unbearable sultriness made the first hours of the afternoon and took away any desire for action.
The life of Elisa did not depart from predictable paths. For her it was normal to be considered a privileged not having a daily routine to perform. Every chore was the irreplaceable role Mary, discreet and regular presence at the family.
That twenty-two June Elena and Edoardo, the grandchildren of six and four years, after a morning at the beach, had succumbed to exhaustion and were resting with Emanuela, their mom. Even Alberto, her husband, is a short relaxation room before returning to the city and return to work was granted at the notary’s office. These were the only times when the house could finally enjoy an unnatural silence.
In a shaded area of the garden, sunk in a comfortable wicker chair, Elisa had abandoned that torpor when his cell phone, forgotten turned on the coffee table next door, rang. The temptation was to remain silent, then gently reached out and, unable to deny himself, he let himself be invested by voice coming from the unit.